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SAFE VOLT Synthetic Insulated mat has superseded the Rubber mats to new revised specifications IS:15652:2006 (Indian Standard).

SAFE VOLT Synthetic Insulation Mat has high Insulation resistance of 1,00,000 MΩ when measured with 5000V Meggar.  Due to its high insulation resistance it provides full protection to the staff working on and around the Electrical Equipment. 


SAFE VOLT Insulated Mat does not absorb Moisture, it is fire retardant and there is no effect of the chemicals such as Acids, Alkalis & transformer oil.


The Mat has very good mechanical properties to withstand load and movement of associated Electrical Equipment.


Taking into consideration regarding the safety of the workers against electric shock, the mat is recommended for all kinds of Sub-Stations, Transformer Rooms, LT & HT Control Panels, Electrical Switch Rooms for AC & DC installations, Battery Rooms, Generator Rooms etc.


The following are recommended as per IS 15652:2006.



Class /User Voltage

Recommend Thickness


A/ 0 to 3.3 KV



B/ 3.3 KV to 11 KV



C/ 11 to 33 KV


Safevolt meets CE requirements & also meets. IEC 61111 standars.
Recommended for safety consicious organisations, where safety from electricity & fire and human life is precedent.
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